The Commercial Centre layout

Office and unit locations at The Commercial Centre

The Commercial Centre is divided into Industrial Units and Commercial Office Suites. The Industrial Units are situated on the ground floor and the Commercial Office Suites are situated on the first floor.

To help you locate a specific unit please click the block that contains your chosen unit on the first drawing below.

If you're looking for a particular business trading at the commercial centre please click Business Listings.

Overall layout of The Commercial Centre

Industrial Units 101 to 110 and Commercial Offices 201 to 220

Industrial Units 111 to 119 and 126 to 130

Industrial Units 120 to 125 and Commercial Offices 301 to 312

Industrial Units 131 to 141 and Commercial Offices 401 to 410

Industrial Units 142 to 144

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The Commercial Centre
Administration Office
Suite 211
The Commercial Centre
Picket Piece
SP11 6RU